This page centralizes documentation relating to the module loading, integration, and quality control/assurance testing of the Inner System, part of ATLAS' Inner Tracker Pixels Phase II upgrade project.

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Table of Contents

Inner Pixel: Loading, integration, and testing

Quick access resources for module loading & integration

Loading and integration prototypes

Thermomechanical prototypes: Coupled ring & L0 stave


  • Dummy Heaters information including drawings, dimensions, soldering procedures, and testing

Ring loading [Tubes Up] [Tubes Down] [gDoc with loading notes for each side]

Stave loading [p19-0 stave anatomy]

Electrical prototypes: Coupled ring, 2x L1 stave, L0 stave 


Ring loading [gDoc]

Links for the 4 AUW presentations, ATLAS Digest link

Integration prototype


Module loading pages

Building 33: Module loading equipment

  • Consumable components for mixing and dispensing SE4445

    • A list of consumables required for mixing SE4445, storing it in syringes, and dispensing it with the Janome robot.

    • The linked page includes the information required to place orders for each item.

  • Glue dispensing equipment

    • Page describing the air dispenser, PC, and Janome robot for glue dispensing. The page labels the equipment. The operations instructions are obsolete. Please follow the latest instructions here.

    • In addition, we now have an edge finder we can mount on the robot. 
  • Equipment manuals 

    • Nordson EFD Ultimus V dispenser [PDF] [Confluence page]
    • Checking the temperature of a syringe with the IR camera [Confluence]
    • Janome Points software [Confluence]
    • ITk pixel module QC cooling unit [Confluence]
    • LBL-loaned Keyence glue mixer (returned to LBL, replace with SLAC mixer when ordered)
  • Datasheets 

Building 33: Operating procedures  

Further documentation and resources 


Tables of wet and dry dispensing datasets collected after October 2020

Related presentations  

Contains copies of lab notes and documents in addition to links for relevant presentations between August 2018 and February 2020

Module mounting glue options

Obsolete loading tooling 

Integration Pages

Q/C Box Electrical/Readout Setup 

Electrical and readout setup description, connectivity and collection of component design links. 

B33-CO2 Plant Approved Procedure

CO2-plant equipment information, approved procedures and hazard

B33 - Operating the QC Test Box    

Procedures for operating the CO2 Plant and test box equipment

Thermal Test

Description and details on thermal test procedures.

Readout and Q/C setups  


ITk pixel DAQ readout infrastructure and network at SLAC.

This page requires ATLAS-confluence-editor permission

RCE Readout

RCE test bench documentation for SLAC ITk local setups.

More general RCE readout documentations on CERN Twiki RCEDevelopmentLab

YARR Readout

YARR test bench documentations.

FELIX Readout

Felix readout documentation for the Felix712

Direct  FELIX readout

FELIX readout system documentations, direct FELIX setups, and test configurations.


Electrical-Optical data transmission conversion system 

Link Aggregator system

ATCA system to support larger number of Rd53 readout


General DAQ operation GUI interface and instructions common to all DAQ platforms

Xilinx IBERT Tool

The xilinx IBERT test is analternative solution for the traditional chipscope eye-diagra

Module Q/C & Reception Test Portal

Module general info. Test spec and infrastructure. Module inventory.

Cooling Unit for Module QC

Information on cooling unit for module QC 

ITkPixV1 readout

a readout chain includes ITkPixV1 chip, GBCRv2, VLDB+, and DAQ

DCS control/monitoring

Information on infrastructure and instructions for LV/HV PSU control and monitoring 

DCS Interlock

Interlock setup for Lab and B33 integration

Some useful links:

1) simple User Guide for the ATCA Shelf Manager

2) ITk construction Google Drive 

3) Module Reception microscope image collection on Google Drive  

1) RD53a user manual
2) RD53B user manual
3) GBCR design and testing
4) DAQ with FELIX+Optoboard+YARR by Ismet (links to documentation within!)

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