How to login

  • The production database can be accessed here 
  • You will have to create an account the first time that you login and specify 2 access codes. (I used my CERN account).  
  • Once your account is setup, you can login with your CERN/Google/Microsoft/Facebook by clicking the respective logo OR with the 2 access codes. Note that your permissions will be higher if you login with the access codes i.e. you may not be able to create new components types if you login without the access codes but if you only want to see what's in the database this login may be enough.

The database menu

  • My Institute Component List

    • The components with current location = SLAC are shown in this list.
    • You can register a new component by clicking the bottom on the right side of the window. 

  • My Institute Shipping to Receive

    • The components that are currently in transit towards SLAC are shown here.

    • The first shipment on the list "1 digital quad assembly for SLAC" was sent from CERN to SLAC. We can see more details by clicking on the shipment name.

    • We need to update the database when a component is received, then it will show up in "My Institute Component List". We can do so by clicking "Receive All Delivery" in the Item list. Then a shipment reception checklist will show up (if properly setup by the owner of the shipment), and you will be able to confirm the arrival.

    • If you want to know more about the component you received, you can click on its name "Module - DIGITAL_QUAD_MODULE" and you will be able to see the location history of this component, its child and parent components and which tests have been performed on it (if these have been added to the database).

  • Component types

    • Here you can define or modify the different component types

    • Once we click "view" on a component i.e. "IS Loaded Local Support", we will be able to see the component types i.e. L1/L2 staves and R0/0.5/1 Rings. We will also be able to see the stages of this component i.e. Reception, Loading, Thermal cycle, with their respective tests, and the child components for each type i.e.  for the L1 stave assembly the child components are 12 quad modules and 1 L1 stave structure. The parent components are not defined, instead we will need to add the "IS Loaded Local Support" as a child component of its parent component.

      • The "IS Loaded Local Support" component type is already relatively well documented, but most tests are currently not yet defined/linked. However, several other components such as "Pixel Inner System" are empty. I need to add all of this information to the database so that you can later have the option of marking each of the pre-defined tests as passed and adding the test results if you choose. I need your help for doing this, since I do not yet have a clear picture in my mind of the parent/child relations or which tests I need to define for each component type. 

    • At this moment, several of the component types defined include  "dummy" components/prototypes. We may need to find a way to differentiate the early stage prototypes from the more final stage products.

  • Test types

    • The tests that can be assigned to the different component types are defined here.

Other databases used in early stages

  • Module Reception Log link

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