ATLAS ITk pixel activities resumed on site in B33 and B84 as of July/2020, on site operations is still in restricted access mode as of Oct/2021 with on site activities requiring prior approval. The general SLAC-wide information related to on site operations can be found at the SLAC COVID-19 Resource Center, with essential information such as safety protocols and COVID-19 training, as well as On Site Case Tracking. All staff and resident visitors need to obtain a (one time) permission to be on site, which is restricted to only approved buildings. However, anyone with approved activities on site can go to the common facility buildings such Building 50 for computing help, Cafeteria, Shipping and Mail Office etc, as long as you are observing the procedure for those buildings. Once approved, your name will be on the main gate access list so that an electronic badge swipe at the main gate will let you in each time without further check. While office work has no further approval for daily access, lab work e.g. ATLAS ITk upgrade construction have and additional weekly work release process and associated Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for the specific programs. Workers involved in these activity locations need to obtain approval and read/sign the JSAs  through Caterina Vernieri for B33 and Su Dong for B84. For lab works, the weekly work release process collects the activities at B33 and B84 to announce the activities and associated safety measures at the weekly tailgate meeting every Friday at 2pm. Attendance to this meeting is compulsory for anyone with lab work planned fo the following week. Weekly planning meetings for each JSA program tracked at the FPD ESH Home, including the two ATLAS JSA planning confluence pages: 

For fully vaccinated staff, once the vaccine record is submitted to the Stanford Heath system, there is no longer the need for the daily health check but a check submission is required if you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms or in case of a positive COVID-19 test result. As of Dec/8/2021, proof of vaccination status must be uploaded to the health check system to be eligible for site access. On site staff and visitors are required to do self administered swab tests weekly as instructed on the Testing on Site web page.  For our resident ATLAS visitors, your SLAC supervisor can sponsor you a basic Stanford SUNET ID that would allow you connect to the Healthcheck process with that (you can also use just SLAC ID to connect but that won't allow vaccination record upload), and taking the Color swab test with that. In case of COVID-19 detection from testing, people accessed the same building at the same time will be alerted. Detailed SLAC cases and on site case locations on on the COVID-19 Case Tracking page

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