This is the home page for the Beam Test 2006 space. This page can be edited by anyone with GLAST confluence permission, and is meant to replace, the old beam test web page, which can be found here

Beam Test 2006  : Operations

CERN Operations    GSI Operations    SLAC Operations    CU Hand-off memo

Beam Test 2006: Data Analysis

This is the for data analysis mostly

Meetings:                     Weekly VRVS meetings  F2F Meeting   Workshop4 (Workshop4 agenda)  Workshop 3  Workshop 2  Workshop 1

General:                       Movies  Forum  Presentations CCB BT Pictures More pictures

Data Access                  Get Data  Get MC Data  Status of Priority Runs  Summary of Run Types Summary Plots of Configurations List Of Good Runs

Data Taking Info:         Shift Log   Paper logbook pdf ,html PS final schedule Table Positions  Table Description  Relevant Run Info  PS+SPS+GSI shift logs 

Data Analysis Topics:   List of Analysis Topics    BT Geometry     BT Workbook

How to use:                   Event Display   Merit tuple   BT tuple   CAL Tuple  Calibration

Offline Software:         Known Bugs    BT Pipeline  Local Offline    Pipeline errors  BeamTestRelease


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