Beam Test Analysis - Face to Face Meeting - Stanford february 9 2007


We will have some presentations to update on latest findings, wrap up with current status of analysis and discuss plans forward for MC tuning. We would like to come out of the meeting with an agreed list of action items to pursue before the march collaboration meeting

Meeting at Varian Building, room 102/103, Stanford Campus (map)

For wireless access use

  • LOGIN: beamtest
  • Password: glast-feb09

Agenda - 8.30-12.30

  • Current status summary - Luca/Philippe (ppt )
  • Hits excess for event classes pdf, Annex 1pdf, Annex 2 pdf, Annex 3 pdf - Nicola
  • CAL E recon recap (Philippe pdf)
  • CAL calibration recap (Sasha ppt)
  • Discussion
    • cal calibration
    • MC tuning


  • Study of proton through MMS (update)here - Alex
  • How to apply classification trees to CU analysis ppt

Discussion - 13.30-16.00

  • Cluster widths for Xe runs (pdf), (ppt)- Leon
  • ACD High Range - operation and flight calibration - Alex here
  • PSF studies - Luca (ppt )

Transportation and parking

There is NO free parking. There are 2 options: get a parking sticker (send a message to Debbie Nicholson by end of teh day on Wednesday, beyond that youa re on your own) or take the free marguerite shuttle.

Free Shuttle

1) Leaves from SLAC at 7:48 am, 8:28 am, 9:08 (get out on Campus stop GATES)... and returns times from 4:07 pm, 4:47pm, etc.,.

2) A 12 dollars parking sticker allows you to park in ALL metered places, but ONLY metered spaces. a 11 dollars parking ticket allows you to park in A sapces. The first option has in general more availability.

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