This is a workspace for the BT proceedings to the GLAST Symposium.
We will have one single paper combining the four contributions. All the people in the BT team will sign the paper.

Submitted version pdf , tex - april 12

Initial Table of Contents pdf , tex

Separate contributions from the team:

Introduction - beam test goals and preparation, sections 1,2 (Luca/Philippe)
Beam test setups, DAQ, online, CU integration and operation (Nicola)
CU calibration with CR and beam (Sasha for CAL, Leon for TKR, Alex for ACD) ACD textACD fig1
Simulation, Francesco, section 6
TKR and PSF, sections 7.1 8.1 (Leon, Nicola)
Energy resolution, sections 7.2, 8.2 (Philippe)
ACD results, sec 8.3 (Luis) pdf fig 1 (gif) fig2 (gif)
Background sources, scetion 9 (Johan, Carmelo)
GSI stuff, scetion 10 (Luca)ACD
Conclusions ...

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