This page is intended to list and discuss the abstract that the BeamTest team want to submit to conferences

5th Geant4 Space Users' Workshop, Tokio 13-15 February 2008 (web)

Proposed abstract (on behalf of the GLAST LAT CA group)

Validation of Geant4 Simulation of the GLAST LAT Telescope

GLAST is an international mission to study the high energy gamma-ray sky.
The Large Area Telescope (LAT) is a pair conversion instrument dedicated
to the stody of the sky from 20 MeV to more than 300 GeV. GLAST is
expected to launch in May 08. Its performance has been evaluated using a
detailed G4 simulation included in a complex software framework.
The validation of the electromagnetic and hadronic processes was done on
an extensive beam test at CERN in 2006. Results and concerns are presented.

 10th ICATPP Conference - Villa Olmo, Como 8-12 October 2007 (web)

Proposed contributions 

 GLAST Science Symposium - Stanford 5-8 February 2007 (web site)

Presented contributions (on behalf of the BT Team)

  • Particle beam tests for the GLAST-LAT Calibration (talk page) - P3.3
  • Response of the GLAST-LAT Calibration Unit to sources of background (poster page) - P19.21
  • Measuring the PSF and the energy resolution with the GLAST-LAT Calibration Unit - P3.4
  • Heavy ion beam tests for the preparation of the LAT on-orbit calibration (poster page ) - P19.43

Proceedings page

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