This page contains official information on the CU and ISC gemoetry, and the test setup geometry. Please refer/update this page for information.

Calibration Unit: Coordinate System

 Nice drawing of that coordinate system from Leon

Calibration Unit: Event Display Pictures and Numbers

 There are  XZ , YZ views and a gzip file of the CU view from Joanne using v1r35

 Check all numbers from the offline XML geometry description from Joanne using v1r35

 10 November 2006: Updated heprep file, suitable for use with fred from Joanne using xmlGeoDbs v1r36. Dimensions and positions of tiles have been corrected using Luca's measurements. Tiles have plastic wrapping and plexiglass interface.

 28 /29November 2006: Tagged xmlGeoDbs v1r37 which includes configurations including the mms target for proton runs (cu06mmsProtonSegVols.xml) and positron runs (cu06mmsPositronSegVols.xml). See  FRED pictures of geometry including mms target as positioned for proton runs:  XY (front) and XZ (top) views. See also positron XZ view(top)  and YZ view(side), the positron heprep file and the proton heprep file.

Calibration Unit: ACD Photos and Dimensions

Tile dimension and location FINAL survey . Measurements taken on the CU after the test. Please note that the extra plastic beyond the tiles is not represented and will not be incorporated in the geometry for simulation.

Michele Pinchera's  drawing of ACD tile positions and dimensions - NOTE: does not reflect final ACD location

This information is incorporated in the XML geometry as of tag v1r35p2. 

Real Photons and dimensions from Tomi and Alex (Anti-CoincidenceDetectors.ppt).

Inner Shipping Container and EGSE Photos and Dimensions


July 26, 2006
In the attachments, there is a PowerPoint-presentation (InnerShippingContainer.ppt) that visually describes on photographs the dimensions of the inner shipping container as measured with a measuring tape in the T9 experiment hall. Note, as also indicated in the second slide, that the position of one of the power supplies has been shifted since the measurement, so an update of this presentation will come as soon as the new position has been measured. Please report any peculiarities, if such are found, to (

July 27, 2006
An update of the presentation above is now available (InnerShippingContainer-27-07-2006.ppt), showing the current position of the power supply. Another presentation of the dimensions of the ACDs has now been added (Anti-CoincidenceDetectors.ppt).

/Tomi Ylinen


I've added several attachments relating to the latest version of the xmlGeoDbs geometry (as of 26 July), tagged v1r35.  It takes into account some numbers from Tomi's file and also from a file of ACD numbers made by Michele Pinchera.

Still to do:

  • reconcile some dimensions from the two sources mentioned above
  • get rid of extra CAL, or at least make non-sensitive



September 6, 2006
The attached presentation, (SPS_Setup_Dimensions_v3.ppt), shows the current dimensions of the setup at SPS H4-134.

/Tomi Ylinen

Few pictures (1,2) (from Tomi) about SPS line.

Table with material along the beam line from SPS liason physicist.

Geometry of the annihilation runs (positrons and protons)

Two different setups were used to study positron annihilation events, while a third configuration was used for proton runs through the MMS target. These slides summarize the geometry of the various setups and the relevant runs for each configuration.

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