Beam Test 2006  : CERN Operations  (CERN emergency number 74444)

This is dedicated to the control room activities

General:                           Message Board  3PM Meetings Calendar  Meeting minutes     Phone Numbers  Weekly Shift-list: (PS: 1-2 3 4) Schedule 

                                         SPS Shift Table

                                         What to do before arriving at CERN Dates of presence at CERN Logistics at CERN\

Data Taking:                    BT configurations  Instructions for Shifts   What is in the Control Room  Elogbook    Shift Log   Shifters list

                                        Offline Monitor Instructions  Offline Monitor Logbook  Offline Monitor  Geometrical configurations (SPS) FIFO Configurations

Online:                           Elogbook  Env. Monitoring  Running Run Control   Online Monitoring  Ancillary Detectors    Tagger alignment/synch    Tagger calibration

Offline :                           Data Monitoring  Pipeline Runs Digest FASTCopy

PS Trigger and DAQ:             Computer Network   Trigger Logic  CU Trigger

PS Ancillary Detectors:   SSD Chambers  Scintillators  Calorimeter Cerenkov

SPS Trigger and DAQ: External Trigger Logic

SPS Ancillary Detectors: He Threshold Cherenkov   N2 Threshold Cherenkov

Instrument Procedures:  Safety  HV Turn-On  Support Table

PS Procedures:                Accelerator elogbookSafety  Access to T9  Beam and Magnet Settings

SPS Procedures:              Safety  Access to H4 SPS eLogBook  H4 Manual SPS live (explanation)

Drawings:                       T9 SetUp  CU/ISC-OSC  

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