FASTCopy Data Delivery

  • LATTE run directories are "exported" to /nfs/data/LATTE on at the ends of the runs.
  • A cron job on lat-btserver creates a tarball of the run directory and schedules it for FASTCopy'ing, then moves the directory to /nfs/data/DVD.
  • Run-directory tarballs (<runid>.tar.gz) arrive in /nfs/farm/g/glast/u23/ISOC/glastops/Incoming on glastlnx06, and are moved to /nfs/farm/g/glast/u23/ISOC/Stage/Beamtest by the FASTCopy post-transfer command (/u/gl/glastops/Prod/bin/
  • A cron job on glastlnx06 executes /u/gl/glastops/Prod/bin/ This script:
    • sources the file /afs/slac/g/glast/ground/PipelineConfig/BeamTest-tasks/configDispatch:
      # dispatch-configuration fragment
    • checks for the existance of $sentinel_file, and exits if the file is found.
    • if $sentinel_file does not exist, it unpacks the tarball to $outdir
    • invokes $beamtestPlRoot/online/ to inject the run into the pipeline
  • The dispatch script writes to /nfs/farm/g/glast/u23/ISOC/glastops/dispatchRunDirsBT.log. This log file is "rolled over" by logrotate each day shortly after midnight, Pacific time.
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