Software update



TKR Digi

TkrDigi v2r6

includes charge sharing and ion signal

two available routines, not enough to recover TKR hit deficit in MC

ACD Digi


better single photo-electron signal simulation by extending Poisson fluctuations to first dynodes amplification


CAL Calibration Procedure

column-wise charge injection in CAL CPT online scripts

correct non-linearities in charge injection

improved CAL calibration but did not solve energy shift; will be default calibration mode for the LAT, not relevant for simulation



correct logs and inter-range cross-talk

require mapping of cross-talk for the LAT

Hadronic physics list



improved model for hadronic interactions (Bertini model up tp 10GeV, QGSP model up to 20GeV)

TKR material audit


real TKR thin converter thickness

8% lower wrt to original design

List of planned deliverables and expected delivery


Expected delivery



TKR material audit

end september

update mass of passive material to real values from measurements

known missing mass in current model mostly around active area

CAL material audit

end september

check and update CAL mass and materials

preliminary surveys indicate good model

TKR alignment in MC

quick fix available in GR-v12

fix bug in MC alignment

checking out alternative alignment strategy

New mass simulation

end september

with latest sim-recon package

will be used to re-evaluate TKR hits deficit and CAL energy shift in simulation

Special TKR geometry simulation

in progress

vacuum layer between silicon layers and tray core

performed to check penetration of delta rays in a more realistic geometry; preliminary results indicate little effect on TKR hits

Low-energy simulations

in progress

systematic test of LE EM physics list in G4 and range cutoff studies

preliminary results indicate no effect of range cutoffs and a non-perfect control of LE physics list in our simulation

background simulations with higher TKR hits

end september

increase artificially number of TKR hits to mimick BT data

will use alignment bug and will check effect on background rejection

background simulation with shifted CAL energies

end september

artificially scale simulated CAL energies and most important CAL variables to mimick BT data

will check effect on background rejection and reconstruction algorithms

final best physics list


final MC tuning

should flow into the Service Challenge 1 year run. it will includes best physics list and modification to geometry

Currently planned MC checks:

  • restate data/MC agreement with v7 MC for CAL
  • cross-check TKR PSF and HIT summary posted in the agenda on october 17
    • check effect of the extra neutral vertex on the PSF - any bias introduced?
    • double check beam spot from David P for all simulated runs
    • check cerenkov pressure for run at 200GeV - Johan found it was wrong?
  • verify alignment effect in v7
    • seems negligible from Johan MC-MC comparison (links on Good Runs), while cerenkov pressure seem to have been wrong in earlier MC
    • sistematically check cerenkov pressure systematics with a scan
  • verify effect of cuts on hit deficit
    • run 1 sim with extended beam spot and cut on differnt parts to check possible effects
    • apply nicola's cuts on beam spot plot and check if special spots are selected
    • add fiducial cuts in the selection?
  • smearing routine to align CAL MC variables to data values
  • scan extra material along beam line after above realignment
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