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The links below are to pages for posting tips and questions regarding analysis of the Beam Test data.  To have Confluence automatically send you e-mail about updates to this page, click on the icon at the upper right.

Note: Actual bugs or problems should be reported to or reported in JIRA.

Please add your results as 'News' postings - click the Add News link to the upper right. (If you don't see the Add News link, you need to log in to Confluence.) News items can contain attachments and comments. The tables below are automatically generated. For this to work, when you are making the posting you must add the *label(s)*indicated for the tables where you want your posting to appear. E.g., for the Beam Test Data Issues, enter btdata in the label field on the Add News form.

Topic doesn't fit the label? If you have a topic that - on careful consideration - does not fit any of the existing labels, make a new label and edit this page to add a table of postings with that label.

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