May 1 2007

Clean room crew : Luca B, Carmelo and Eduardo

10:00  (PDT)

Checked ground for CU ~0.6 Ohms

Downloaded data from recorder: max humidity 7%, max temp 33 C, Max force 4 g. Eliazar downloaded data. Need someone to review all information and make a summary. Dates are logged in a awkward format: first day was April 24, last day was May 1 2007.

CU was visually inspected by Pisa and SLAC crew, prior to moving into the clean room. No visual damage observed.


Crew is leaving and we will wait for Jana to turn it on so that she can witness from the very beginning


Clean room crew : Luca B, Carmelo,Eduardo, Jana

Turn on Power: ERROR: Unable to detect PCI card. Checking LCB to see if it is connected properly in the crate. Confirmed that this was problem.

System is powered up using same boards as in the beam test but using Crate from TKR (GLAT0303) dwarf2: Run BT2 used to take events , rate horizontally is 35 Hz with cosmics. Readout is Ok from both towers 2 and 3, but tower 3 is not triggering. tower 1 with CALonly triggers OK. Will check trigger masks.

Trigger mask is 0xFD8. Go to GEM manual page 98, section 2.9.1` Tower enable registers 0xFD8 = 111111011000 , tower 0 no triggers, tower 1 only CAL, Towers 2 and 3 CAL and TKR enabled.

CU_BT_GSI_122_seds4.xml that was used for GSI was used for the test.  So need  to look for the correct schema file.

Debugging will continue later or tomorrow since we have workshop discussions. Power off

May 2 2007

Clean room crew : Luca B, Carmelo.

11:00  (PDT)

Starting with the CU functional tests.

Noise and Gain test on TKR 3, bias loss and trg. parity errors/ packet errors. Same phenomenology already observed in Pisa/CERN/GSI.

12:00  (PDT)

Functional tests on the single modules started. See the hand-off notes for details.

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