Week 1

 Tues, May 31Wed, June 1Thurs, June 2Fri, June 3Sat, June 4
9:00The Fermi LAT Catalog - Benoit Lott (pdf, pptx)Gamma-ray Astrophysics Theory and Modeling - Giovanni MorlinoActive Galactic Nuclei in the LAT - Benoit Lott (pdf , pptx)Gamma-ray Astrophysics Theory and Modeling II - Giovanni Morlino
10:00The Physics of Particle Detectors - Justin Vandenbroucke (pptx, pdf)MW/ MM Astrophysics: Rationale and Resources  - Dave ThompsonIceCube and connections between neutrino and gamma astronomy - Justin Vandenbroucke (pptx, pdf)Gamma-ray Bursts and Transients in the LAT - Giacomo Vianello

 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

11:00BreakBreakBreak (photo!)BreakBreak
11:30The Fermi Large Area Telescope - Julie McEnery (pptx)

The Cherenkov Telescope Array - Justin Vandenbroucke (pdf)

 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

Fermi analysis for everyone, cosmax - Benoit Lott (ppt1,ppt2)



Instructions for installing the Fermi Virtual Machine (Additional notes: 1) You may need to find a version of VirtualBox appropriate for your operating system, e.g. linux. 2) If when you try to start the VM, you are getting errors from VirtualBox about VT-x, see this link)

Science Tools Intro and Data Exploration (includes VM shared folder setup ) - Elizabeth Ferrara

Students choose a source for analysis.

Likelihood in the LAT

Likelihood Tutorial – Jeremy Perkins

Jeremy's Quiz tool: kahoot.it

The gtburst gui interface to the Science Tools - Giacomo Vianello


Generating LAT XML Models - Elizabeth Ferrara

instructions for using make3FGLxml.py script

Testing for sources

Advanced Likelihood (convergence and basic scripting tools)

- Advanced_Likelihood.tgz

PDG Statistics review

pdf (deltaLL values in Table 38.2 on page 29)

Adaptive Binning Tutorial - Benoit Lott

(pdf, ppt)

Advanced Likelihood

Student Projects

Advanced Topics:

Summed likelihood tutorial, summed likelihood analysis files: summedLikeFiles.tgz

Student Projects


4:45End of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day Tagup
   Virden Hosted BBQ @ 6:00

Week 2

 Mon, June 6Tues, June 7Wed, June 8Thurs, June 9Fri, June 10
9:00Gamma-ray Astrophysics Theory and Modeling III - Giovanni MorlinoGamma-ray Astrophysics Theory and Modeling IV - Giovanni MorlinoFermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor and Gravitational Wave Follow-up - Michael BriggsGamma-ray Astrophysics Theory and Modeling V - Giovanni Morlino

Final Wrap-up - Liz

Group Photos

10:00Air Showers - Jordan Goodman

High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory (HAWC) - Jordan Goodman

Fermi-LAT Performance - Regina CaputoSearching for Dark Matter with the Fermi LAT - Regina CaputoProject Results and Feedback
11:30 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

 Spectral Deconvolution - Michael Briggs

 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries Future Gamma-ray Space TelescopesWorkshop Close Out

Advanced Topics: Working groups on special topics

Summed Likelihood

Useful slides on Composite Likelihood

Student Projects


Free afternoon

(Large high school graduation event happens at Virden in the evening)

Advanced Topics (fermiPy)

Student Projects

Advanced Topics:

Extended Source Tutorial


Student Projects

4:45End of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day Tagup 
 Crab Feast (tutorial!)    

Student Talks and 1 Slide Schedule

Thurs., June 2

  • Roberto Angioni - VLBI and gamma-ray studies of TANAMI radio galaxies  

  • Raniere Menezes - Gamma­-ray Variability of Low­-luminosity AGN  

  • Laurel Kaye
  • Peter Breiding
  • Pfesesani van Zyl



Fri., June 3

  • Nenghui Liao - Discovery of gamma-ray emission from the steep radio spectrum NLS1 B3 1441+476  

  • Michael Kreter - Blazars as Potential High-Energy Neutrino Sources  

  • Jamie Graham
  • Natalia Zywucka
  • Yuliang Xin


Sat., June 4

  • Vera Nievas - Very-high-energy gamma-rays from the Universe's middle age: detection of B0218+357 and PKS1441+25 with the MAGIC telescopes   

  • Stephan O’Brien - TeV Observations of Hard Spectrum BL Lac objects with VERITAS  

  • Paul Morris

  • Zhaoqiang Shen
  • Bing Li

Mon., June 6

  • Nicolas Vasquez - Developing Water Cherenkov Detectors in Quito,­ Ecuador   

  • Sara Coutiño - Extragalactic background light study with HAWC  

  • Yuanzhu Wang
  • Yongbo Yu
  • Christian Johnson


Wed., June 8

  • Miles Winter - Estimating the Millisecond Pulsar GeV Contribution in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies   

  • Peng Fang-kun
  • Roberta Del Vecchio
  • Yunfeng Liang
  • Shang Li 


Supporting Material

Really useful usage notes page for likelihood tools! [Likelihood Usage Notes]

Liz's favorite page on livetime and exposure: [http://fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov/ssc/data/analysis/documentation/Cicerone/Cicerone_Likelihood/Exposure.html]

Glossary of Fermi and related jargon

Example ipython notebook from Eric Charles' lecture for statistics in astronomy grad course: Guest Lecture of Applications in Astro Statistics id 17506

Group Photos



Things to do and Eat

These are places we've gone in the past for food:

Some useful shops:

  • Lloyd's Market (611 Savannah Rd, easy cycle ride, small market with most of what you need): Lloyd's Market - Facebook 
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy (444 Savannah Road, probably need a car)
  • Ocean Suds II Laundromat (18675 Coastal Highway)
  • R&L Liquors (207 Second Street)
  • Food Lion (17232 N Village Main Blvd, further away, large supermarket): https://www.foodlion.com/stores/de/lewes/2565/

Things to do.  Ask for details.



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