The physics performance of the Silicon Detector (SiD) concept is studied using a GEANT4-based full-detector response simulation program. The detector design is described in a plain text file in xml format.

The Default Model: sid02 October 6, 2008

The current default for the SiD geometry, being used for the ILC Letter Of Intent (LOI) process, is sid02. This detector is defined at .

Previous Version: sid01

The previous default detector description is sid01, defined at .


The Silicon Detector and its variants are described in the attached pages. The response of the detectors to events is simulated using Geant4 with a runtime definition of the detector geometry in xml format. Each iteration of the design has a unique name, and the xml file along with a plain english description will be linked from this page.

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  1. I received the following description from Jose Repond and Lei Xia:

    Freon(R124A):Isobutane:SF6 = 94.5:5:0.5

    This is how it is currently represented in the xml file:

    <material name="RPCGasDefault">
    <D type="density" value="0.0037" unit="g/cm3"/>
    <composite n="209" ref="C"/>
    <composite n="239" ref="H"/>
    <composite n="381" ref="F"/>

    I ignored the SF6.

    Norman Graf