This is a variant of the Silicon Detector modelled as of July 24, 2005, to be used for detector studies at Snowmass.
Please see sidaug05 for details of the baseline geometry.
The compact description of this detector in xml format can be found at .
What follows is a plain text description of the file compact.xml found in this zip file.

The inner radius of the endcap calorimeters is 20cm, instead of the 26cm in the baseline.
The outer radius of the far forward assembly has an outer radius of 19cm.

The far forward, low-Z shield and calorimeters have two apertures for the incoming and outgoing beamlines, with an opening angle of 20 milliradians.
The calorimeter has apertures with radii of 1.0cm and 1.5cm for the incoming and outgoing beams, respectively.
The low-Z shield also has a 1.0cm radius aperture for the incoming beam, but a somewhat smaller (1.2cm) outgoing beam aperture radius to provide shielding from the calorimeter and dump albedo.

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