This is a variant of the Compact Detector Concept modelled as of August 08, 2005, to be used for detector studies at Snowmass.
Please see cdcaug05 for details of the baseline geometry.
The compact description of this detector in xml format can be found at .
What follows is a plain text description of the differences between the compact descriptions of cdcaug05_np and its reference model, cdcaug05.

The basic change was that the main calorimeter-like subdetectors, which are projective in cdcaug05, have been made non-projective in cdcaug05_np. The segmentation of sensitive layers is shown below.

Segmentation details:

These are the segmentation details used in the definition of this detector:




0.4cm x 0.4cm


0.4cm x 0.4cm


1cm x 1cm


1cm x 1cm


3cm x 3cm


3cm x 3cm

Cell indices

The number of bits in calorimeter cell IDs have also been changed with respect to cdcaug05, from 11 bits to 16 bits.

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