See the Jira-generated releases notes for details.

SLIC 1.13.0 Release Notes

A new version (1.0) of the org.lcsim reconstruction/analysis software, and the associated GeomConverter package have been released. This corresponds to the CVS tag v1r0p0. These releases can be downloaded with the JAS3 plugin manager in the normal way.

A new version 4.0.1 of WIRED4 has also been released, with minor bug fixes.

Please see the online release notes.

Please refer to the online release notes for details.

Please see the online release notes.

Please see the online release notes.

In keeping with our plan to make new releases of org.lcsim each week, version 0.6 has been released. It is tagged in CVS as:

GeomConverter v0r3p0
lcsim v0r6p0

The (known) changes are:

Bugs Fixed

  • LCSIM-15@jira - LCSIM Event Browser Tree Icons don't show collapsed status

New Feature

(we need to do a better job of keeping track of changes in Jira for future releases).