Week 1

 Tues, May 26Wed, May 27Thurs, May 28Fri, May 29Sat, May 30
9:00  The Fermi Mission - Julie McEneryParticle Acceleration - MarkosDark Matter Searches in the LAT - Andrea pdf

Gamma-ray Generation - Markos

Markos' SSC Code

SSC Model Parameter Notes

Gamma-ray Detective Work - Reshmi
10:00Radiation Processes - Markos GeorganopoulosThe Fermi Large Area Telescope - Andrea Albert pdfHistory and Techniques of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes - Jamie Holder pdfThe Fermi LAT Catalogs - Seth Digel

Astroparticle Physics at the South Pole - Detecting high-energy neutrinos with IceCube - Naoko Neilson

11:30Pulsars - Tyrel Johnson

Student Talks

Student Talks / 1 Slide SummariesBlazars - the Observational Perspective - Reshmi Mukherjee

Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries


The Likelihood Method - Liz Hays

Steve's sample code:
- errors_poisson.py
- lima.py
- conf_lima_1d.py
- ul_lima_1d.py
- ul_bayes_lima_1d.py

Instructions for installing the Fermi Virtual Machine

Science Tools Intro and Data Exploration (includes VM shared folder setup ) - Elizabeth Ferrara

Students choose a source for analysis.

Likelihood in the LAT

Likelihood Tutorial – Jeremy Perkins

Poll students for use of scripted analysis.

Generating LAT XML Models - Elizabeth Ferrara

instructions for using make3FGLxml.py script

Testing for sources

Advanced Likelihood (cover convergence, 3 basic scripting tools, minor update)

- Advanced_Likelihood.tgz

PDG Statistics review

pdf (deltaLL values in Table 38.2 on page 29)

Binned Analysis Example

IRFs Tutorial (Tyrel) 

Useful scripts:



Line Analysis with the LAT - Andrea



1 Slide Summaries (cont)

Advanced Topic: Summed likelihood tutorial, summed likelihood analysis files summedLikeFiles.tgz


Pulsar analysis

Updated pulsar ephemerides

    Crab Feast TBD

Week 2

 Mon, June 1Tues, June 2Wed, June 3Thurs, June 4Fri, June 5
9:00Cosmic Background Radiation - Yoshi Inoue (Lecture notes)Cosmic Gamma-ray Background - YoshiCosmic Infrared/Optical background - Yoshi

Future MeV - Liz

IACT telescope construction and reconstruction - Jamie

Final Wrap-up
10:00Diffuse Emission - SethData Analysis with IACTs - JamieOverview of HAWC Science - Ignacio TaboadaGRB Observations and Analysis - J. MichaelProject Results and Feedback
11:30Fundamental Physics from High Energy Observations - JulieTrip to WallopsGRB Theory- J. Michael BurgessData Analysis with HAWC - IgnacioWorkshop Close Out

Student Talks

1 Slide Summaries

Advanced Topics: Working groups


Trip to Wallops

Student Talks

1 Slide Summaries

GRB tutorial -  J. Michael  

FSSC web page on rmfit

Advanced Topics

HAWC sensitivity tutorial - Ignacio

Effective Area script: EffArea.C

Advanced Topics:

Useful tutorials

LAT Extended source analysis notebook

   Virden Hosted BBQ  

Student Talks and 1 Slide Schedule

Wed., May 27

  • Studying the gamma-­ray variability of the blazar 1ES 1215+303 - Floriana Zefi

  • Fornax A - Jeff Magill

  • The Speedster­EXD ­ A New Event­Triggered Hybrid CMOS X­ray Detector - Christopher Griffith

  • Indirect dark matter search in dwarf spheroidal galaxies - Niki Klop

Thurs., May 28

  • The GCT’s camera for the Cherenkov Telescope Array - Andrea De Franco

  • TeV pulsed emission from the Crab detected by MAGIC - Daniel Galindo

  • X-ray and gamma-ray studies of the supernova remnant (SNR) CTB 37B hosting a young magnetar - Harsha Kumar

  • Matthew Meehan

  • Andriy Petrashyk

  • Mike Testa

Sat., May 30

  • Searches for High-Energy Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope - Julia Schmid

  • Bryce Carpenter

  • Pheneas Nkundabakura

  • Mark Wells

  • Maxwell Jingo
  • Rachel Simoni

Mon., June 1

Wed., June 3

  • The High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory - Kelly Malone

  • Muon Production Depth Studies - Hershal Pandya

  • Photospheric Emission from GRBs - Zeynep Acuner

  • Rosa Becerra Godínez
  • Clio Sleator
  • Carolyn Kierans

Supporting Material

Really useful usage notes page for likelihood tools! [Likelihood Usage Notes]

Liz's favorite page on livetime and exposure: [http://fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov/ssc/data/analysis/documentation/Cicerone/Cicerone_Likelihood/Exposure.html]

Glossary of Fermi and related jargon

Example ipython notebook from Eric Charles' lecture for statistics in astronomy grad course: Guest Lecture of Applications in Astro Statistics id 17506

Things to do and Eat

These are places we've gone in the past for food:

Some useful shops:

  • Grocery store?
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy (444 Savannah Road, probably need a car)
  • Ocean Suds II Laundromat (18675 Coastal Highway)
  • R&L Liquors (207 Second Street)

Things to do.  Ask for details.



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