Provide information about resources and points of contact for multiwavelength observations involving the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Large Area Telescope (LAT). Coordinate multiwavelength observations needed by the science groups. Maximize use of supporting observations and minimize duplication of effort.

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Multiwavelength Planning

Multiwavelength Workshop at the Sixth International Fermi Symposium 

Some Known Multiwavelength Campaigns

Source (link to more information)

Time Interval

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2024 March - 2024 September  - Current  

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2023 November - 2024 June  - Current  

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2023 February - 2023 September  

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2022 December - 2023 June  

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2022 January - 2022 October 

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2022 January - 2022 June

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2021 March - 2021 September

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2020 November - 2021 Jun

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2020 June - 2020 September  

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2019 Nov. - 2020 June

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2019 March - 2019 Sept.

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2018 Dec. - 2019 June

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2018 April - 2018 Sept.

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2017 Dec. - 2018 May

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2017 April - 2017 Aug

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2016 Nov - 2017 May

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2016 March - 2016 September

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2015 Dec - 2016 May

1H 0323+342: Multi-frequency campaign2015 August - 2015 December

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2015 January - 2015 May

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2014 March - 2014 August

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2013 Dec - 2014 May

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2013 April - 2013 August

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2012 Dec - 2013 June

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2012 Feb - 2012 July

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2011 Dec - 2012 June

Mrk501: Multi-frequency campaign

2011 March - 2011 Sep.

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2010 Dec - 2011 Dec

PSRB1259-63/SS2883  2010/2011 MW Campaign

2010 Nov. -2011 Feb.

Mrk421: Multi-frequency campaign

2009 Dec - 2010 Dec

PMN J0948+0022: Multiwavelength campaign

2009 Mar (end) - June (end)

Mrk501: Multiwavelength campaign

2009 Mar (mid) - July (end)

3C279: Planned Intensive campaign

2009 Jan (end) - Mar (mid)

Mrk421: Multiwavelength campaign

2009 Jan (end) - May (end)

1ES 1959: Multiwavelength campaign

2008 Sep (end) - Nov (beginning)

BL Lac: Planned Intensive campaign

2008 Aug 20 - Sep 10

3C454.3: "Snapshot" MW campaign

2008 Aug

Mrk501: Multiwavelength campaign

2008 Mar-May

3C273: Multiwavelength campaign

2008 Oct

3C454.3: Multiwavelength campaign

2007 July

Pulsar Timing - Information about pulsars of particular interest to LAT

Pulsar Search Consortium

(Link accessible only by LAT team members).  Here is RadioSearchMoUv4.pdf, the PSC MoU, from 2008 December 13 (link accessible by all).

Gamma-ray Pulsars being timed by the LAT

Public Catalog of Detected Gamma-ray Pulsars

Blazars - Information about blazars and campaigns of special interest to LAT

Blazar Monitoring List - Matt Lister's cross-reference list of which blazars are being monitored at radio and optical wavelengths.

Very Important Project (VIP) list of blazars the LAT team is following closely 

Sources LAT Monitors Daily and Weekly(Public Data)

Information for Multiwavelength Observers about Working with the LAT Team (pdf)

Contact the LAT Multiwavelength Coordinator

Fermi Science Support Center (FSSC) Multiwavelength Information

Use this form if you are conducting a campaign and want to alert the Fermi Project Scientist that you prefer not to have a Target of Opportunity declared while you are observing. Please note that this form is independent of the form (above) for participation in a LAT Multiwavelength campaign.

Some General Multiwavelength Resources

Multiwavelength Proposal Opportunities - Schedule

Proposal submissions and information (not for planning purposes):

LAT Team Proposal Planning - Short term (Password Required)

The Radio Connection

Please visit the web page (put together by Greg Taylor, Matthias Kadler and Lars Fuhrmann) summarizing the current/planned radio observation programs devoted to gamma-ray blazars.

The IR-Optical-UV Connection - A Collection of Optical and IR Resources

The Steward Observatory optical monitoring program follows photometry and polarization for a number of blazars and makes data available to the public. Please visit their site HERE.

The SMARTS telescope (CTIO) optical monitoring site for Fermi blazars is HERE. This group monitors a selected list of Fermi blazars with data that are made public. Both light curves and photometric data are presented. - E. Ferrara

The Catalina Real-time Transient Survey has a regularly updated set of light curves for Fermi LAT blazars. These results can be found HERE. This survey also posts information about transients. The main web page is HERE.

The AKARI (ASTRO-F) Infrared source catalog is now available:
Please see THIS LINK

The Tuorla Observatory monitors a number of blazars and makes optical light curves available HERE

The KAIT telescope has white light (~R) monitoring of ~160 bright LAT Blazars. The light curves can be seen HERE 

Monitoring of many LAT blazars is also done in four colors by the Goddard Robotic Telescope with results available HERE

The X-Ray Connection - Links to useful X-ray resources

XMM-Newton Science Archive, including the slew survey, covering 40% of the sky.

Chandra Source Catalog, with information about 94,000 sources

The TeV Connection - This is a section for discussions of LAT-TeV common interests

A useful link. HERE is a Web-based tool that gives information about observability of sources with the CANGAROO TeV telescope. Courtesy of the CANGAROO team.

H.E.S.S. Source Catalog
TeV source catalog, maintained by the VERITAS group   The VERITAS point-of-contact for exchanges of pulsar timing solutions with the LAT collaboration is john.millis@gmail.com of Purdue University.
TeV source catalog, maintained by R.Wagner from MAGIC
TeV source catalog, maintained by M.Mori from Cangaroo

Texts of the agreements between the LAT team and the major TeV telescope teams

Fermi Mission Home Page

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