Science Tools Working Group

The current release of the Science Tools remains v9r15p2. There's not a lot of news this week. v9r15p2 is the 'freeze' version for public release (i.e., for the packages that will be part of the public distribution to be released in August). The FSSC is interested to establish how the public release (and future versions of the public release) versions will be managed while development continues in the LAT team Science Tools.

Data products: No news on Pass 7. It was announced yesterday that the AstroServer can now serve the reprocessed Pass 7 data (as well as the Pass 6 that it has been serving). The Pass 7 files that it has are from the original reprocessing, which have been seen to have greater rates of residual backgrounds than Pass 6.

Databases and related utilities

No news

Likelihood analysis

  • EBL attenuation can now be applied to a number of spectral models. This uses the same code available to gtobssim in the celestialSources/eblAtten package. A description of its use is available here (celestialSources/eblAtten v0r7p1, optimizers v2r17, Likelihood v15r2)
  • Eric Winter reported a failure of one of the Likelihood package unit tests on 64-bit SL5. Diagnostic output indicates that some values are not being calculated the same way as in the corresponding unit test on slac linux. I've asked Eric to build the sane package under the FSSC system for this platform so that I can compare the output of the end-to-end tests of the tools.

GRB tools

No news. To judge from the Release Manager, James has been working on updates to gtrspgen to handle IRFs that have azimuthal variations of effective area. This is not is a release version, and may not make it to a release.

Pulsar tools

From Masa: The tutorials at FSSC were updated for the latest versions. A minor improvement was made in the unit test of periodSearch package (for robustness against rounding errors), and the new version was tagged as v10r7p1 (not yet promoted for a release candidate).

Observation simulation

No news.

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

No news

Source Catalog

Last week the primary topic was again the P6v3 9-month source list. Eric N. and Johann gave presentations on the Galactic center region and Toby gave updates on source detection (sources not in the NMS list) and on elliptical localization regions.

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