Science Tools Working Group

The current release of the Science Tools is now v9r15p1. Here are the package differences from v9r14. The major difference from v9r14 is in having a test version of likelihood analysis taking into account rate-dependent inefficiencies. This is being shaken down now. See below for news about SummedLikelihood and a new spectral function for likelihood fitting.

Eric W. reports that he is starting work on a port of v9r15p1 to the FSSC build environment, and that it should be done in a few days. The freeze and test phase for the release to accompany the year 1 data will start June 15.

Data products: The full Pass 7 reprocessing is complete, or nearly so, at the Merit level and FT1 level. However, the background rejection is clearly not as good as expected, and the reasons for this are still being investigated. The reprocessed Pass 7 data are available in the Data Catalog only. Some validation tests are ongoing, basically to try to catch any other problems, but another Pass 7 reprocessing most likely will be required.

Databases and related utilities

No news

Likelihood analysis

From Jim:

  • David P.'s parameterization of the rate and energy dependent efficiency corrections were implemented and tagged in irfs/irfInterface v2r3p1, Likelihood v15, pyExposure v2r4
  • Fixed a bug in the event class handling in gtdiffrsp [revealed I think by processing Pass 7 files that had an event class selection made with gtselect]. Likelihood v15r0p3
  • Added a new function for spectral fitting: SmoothBrokenPowerLaw implemented by Benoit Lott. Likelihood v15r1p1
  • Added SummedLikelihood to Likelihood v15r0p3, pyLikelihood v1r14. This interface will allow users to combine likelihood calculations that have identical xml model definitions. Unbinned and binned analysis can be combined as well as separate front vs back for binned analysis.

GRB tools

No news

Pulsar tools

No news

Observation simulation

No news

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

From Jim:

  • Enable users to set set the filename of the temporary root file used by makeFT1. This takes advantage of new capability [implemented by James P.] in tip (v2r15) for setting this filename. fitsGen v4r5

Source Catalog

Last week the primary topic was again the P6v3 9-month source list, and Juergen's first (and now 2nd) pass at source associations.

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