Science Tools Working Group

The current release of the Science Tools remains v9r15p2.

Data products: No news on Pass 7; studies in C&A are continuing.

Databases and related utilities

N.B. Vlasios has reported a bug with the FT2 files retrieved by the new AstroServer.

Likelihood analysis

From Jim:

  • Fixed a bug in gttsmap so that it can read a list of input FT1 files that have the "@"-sign prepended (as per FTOOLS conventions). Likelihood v15r2p1.
  • Added an interface to pyLikelihood to give users easier access to the Minos error calculation available from the Minuit and NewMinuit optimizers. Documentation here. optimizers v2r17p1, pyLikelihood v1r15.

[These updates are available in the packages indicated and will be in the next ScienceTools releases; they are not in the current release.]

See note below about optimizers and 64-bit systems.

GRB tools

No news.

Pulsar tools

Masa reports that there's no development news; he has been working on testing for the public ScienceTools release in August.

Observation simulation

No news.

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

From Eric W.: With help from Jim Chiang and Pat Nolan, we localized another problem with the optimizer code that arose in 64-bit systems in v9r15p2. I've got a FSSC patch in place, and I'll be in contact with Jim and Pat about it.

Source Catalog

Last week the primary topic was planning for the Year 1 catalog and associated paper.

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