Essential dependencies:

Migration milestones:

  • Build L1 locally on containers
  • Run single task in S3DF pipeline
  • Update all xml templates
  • Run full L1Proc in S3DF

Sustainability and optimization:

  • Get rid of SCons builds for L1 code
  • Upgrade python to v3 and above
  • Can we avoid crumbling altogether?
  • At a minimum, reduce # of crumbs
  • Use flash for staging instead of xrootd

Open questions:

  • do we still need a wrapper for cleanup? 
  • do we need isocRun for every executable?
  • what are the SLURM queue options?
  • non-preemptable queue: --account fermi:L1
  • how does the scratch space work on S3DF?

Infrastructure needs:

S3DF Cheatsheet:

  • Install ssh config as described here
  • to login from terminal: ssh slacd
  • to ssh as glastraw, run kinit first
  • NOTE: use terminal not XQuartz(?)
  • afs was migrated to: /sdf/group/fermi/a/
  • nfs was migrated to: /sdf/group/fermi/g/

Where to find/install stuff:

  • working area: /sdf/group/fermi/a/ground/PipelineConfig/L1Proc
  • pipeline: /sdf/home/g/glast/a/pipeline-II/prod/pipeline
  • singularity example (05/02/23): pipeline task, xml file
  • additional slurm parameters (10/10/23): --account fermi:L1
  • python used by ST: /afs/slac/g/glast/ground/GLAST_EXT/redhat6-x86_64-64bit-gcc44/python/2.7.2-gl4/bin/python

Singularity cheatsheet

source /sdf/group/fermi/a/ground/PipelineConfig/L1Proc/5.9/ updated to 09/22 container version!

singularity shell --bind /sdf/group/fermi/a:/afs/slac/g/glast --bind /sdf:/sdf /sdf/group/fermi/sw/containers/fermi-rhel6.20230922.sif 

Pipeline cheatsheet

singularity exec --bind /sdf/group/fermi/a:/afs/slac/g/glast --bind /sdf:/sdf /sdf/group/fermi/sw/containers/fermi-rhel6.20230922.sif ./

/sdf/home/g/glast/a/pipeline-II/prod/pipeline load -m DEV /sdf/group/fermi/a/ground/PipelineConfig/L1Proc/5.9/xml/testVerifyS3df-5.9.xml

Historical information (obsolete):

  • CVS, to passively download old stuff:  CVSROOT=/sdf/group/fermi/g/glast_ground/cvs
  • CVS, when live version is needed:
  • the CVS viewer was moved a new location
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