Reasons for change

  • centaurusa is going away, and we need to maintain "live" ("modifiable") versions of all L1Proc packages
  • several L1-related packages are still using stag, which is: a) not actively maintained c) not available on s3df
  • github has modern gui, tools, etc. making maintenance a lot easier down the line (branching/versioning/etc.)

CCB Jira: SSC-462 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Test Procedure

All packages listed below are available on github, and can be downloaded and compiled on S3DF 

Rollback procedure

No rollback is planned/desired. Additionally, this change will become irreversible once centaurusa is retired

Migration workflow

Why make all packages public

  • this is consistent with Fermi-LAT practice
  • authentication to a git server via container is not trivial
  • increase transparency, increment bus-number from one  

Archiving "umbrella" packages

  • L1 uses two "umbrella" packages:
    • svac (contains: findGaps, L1Pipeline, Monitor, TestReport)
    • dataMonitoring (contains: Common, FastMon, AlarmsCfg, etc.)
  • this does not translate well to the flat structure of our gitlab repository
  • additionally, both packages contain lots of obsolete code
  • plan: migrate those packages as a whole to github, and archive them

Individual repositories that were migrated

Repository to be migrated in parallel