Reasons for change

  • centaurusa is going away, and we need to maintain "live" ("modifiable") versions of all L1Proc packages
  • several L1-related packages are still using stag, which is: a) not actively maintained c) not available on s3df
  • github has modern gui, tools, etc. making maintenance a lot easier down the line (branching/versioning/etc.)

Private vs public repo

  • authentication to a cvs server via container is non-trivial. Might as well make all L1-related packages public
  • increase bus-number from zero. By the way, the fermi-LAT github space is here:

Repositories to migrate

  • svac (contains: findGaps, L1Pipeline, Monitor, TestReport)
  • pipelineDatasets (single package, currently under users/richard)
  • evtClassDefs (single package, this is certainly needed by others)
  • GPLtools (single package, actively being modified for s3df use)

  • dataMonitoring (contains: Common, FastMon, IGRF, Alarms, etc.)
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