Week 1

 Tues, May 27Wed, May 28Thurs, May 29Fri, May 30Sat, May 31
9:00 The Fermi Mission - Julie McEneryFermi AGN Science - Chuck Dermer (pdf)(ppt)Gamma-ray Binaries I - Guillaume Dubus (pdf)Gamma-ray Binaries II - Guillaume Dubus (pdf)Surveying the Sky with CTA - Guillaume Dubus (pdf)
10:00Space-Based Gamma-ray Astronomy - Liz HaysThe Galactic Center at GeV - Jack HewittSNRs - Daniel Castro (pdf)Particle Acceleration in SNR - Daniel Castro (pdf)Dark Matter - Matt Wood (pdf)
11:30Fermi Science: A Theoretical Perspective - Chuck Dermer (pdf)(ppt)LAT Overview - Matt Wood (pdf)Lat Performance - Matt Wood (pdf)Ground-based Gamma-ray Astronomy - Karl Kosack

Student Talks

1 Slide Summaries


The Likelihood Method - Liz Hays (courtesy Steve Fegan's 2013 presentation)

Steve's sample code:
- errors_poisson.py
- lima.py
- conf_lima_1d.py
- ul_lima_1d.py
- ul_bayes_lima_1d.py

Science Tools Intro and Data Exploration - Elizabeth Ferrara

Likelihood in the LAT - Jeremy Perkins

Likelihood Tutorial - Jeremy Perkins

LAT XML Models/LAT Catalogs - Elizabeth Ferrara

Advanced Likelihood - Jeremy Perkins

Code to Install:
- LATAnalysisScripts 
- gtapps_mp

- Advanced_Likelihood.tgz

Student Talks

LAT Systematics - Jack Hewitt
(includes calculation of the
pivot energy on slide 9)

1 Slide Summaries (cont)

Advanced Tutorials

Student Projects

    Crab Feast

Week 2

 Mon, June 2Tues, June 3Wed, June 4Thurs, June 5Fri, June 6
9:00The Galactic Center at TeV Energies - Karl KosackFermi GBM and GBM Burst Catalog - Adam GoldsteinPulsar Observations - Elizabeth FerraraHAWC - Miguel Mostafa (pdf)Final Wrap-up
10:00Pulsars from a Theoretical Perspective - Alice HardingGRBs in the Fermi LAT - Judy RacusinCosmic Rays from an Observational Perspective - Scott Wakely (pdf)CTA and the Future - Karl KosackProject Results and Feedback

Student Talks

1 Slide Summaries

GRBs from a Theoretical Perspective - Chuck Dermer (pdf)(ppt)Student TalksCosmic-rays and Balloon-based Instrumentation - Scott Wakely (pdf)Workshop Close Out

Multiwavelength Analysis Tutorial - Judy Racusin

Hardware Topics - Jamie Holder

Advanced Topics

  • Lightcurves
  • (Source Localization)
  • (Data Exploration: beyond the science tools)

1 Slide Summaries

Advanced Topics

TevCat Tutorial - Scott Wakely

Advanced Topics


Student Talks and 1 Slide Schedule


Fri. May 30

  • Frederic Jaron --- A new gamma-ray feature in LS I +61°303.  Abstract Slides

  • Annika Kreikenbohm --- Multiwavelength observations of the γ-NLS1 galaxy PKS2004-447.  Abstract Slides

  • Xilu Wang --- Gamma Ray Emission From Starburst Galaxies.  Abstract Slides (pptx)

Sat. May 31

  • Nicolas Canac --- Astrophysical and Dark Matter Interpretations of Extended Gamma Ray Emission from the Galactic Center.  Abstract

  • Tansu Daylan --- The Characterization of the Gamma-Ray Signal from the Central Milky Way: A Compelling Case for Annihilating Dark Matter.  Abstract Slides

  • Lelah Sadeghian --- Dark matter distributions around massive black holes: A fully general relativistic approach.  Abstract Slides

  • 1 Slide:
    • Regina Caputo (pdf)
    • Rafal Wojaczynski (pdf)
    • Noel Klingler (pdf)

Mon. June 2

  • Siraprapa Sanpa-arsa --- Green Bank Telescope (GBT) Radio Millisecond Pulsars Searches in Fermi unassociated LAT sources.  Abstract Slides

  • Andrew McCann --- VHE Emission from Gamma-ray pulsars.  Abstract Slides

  • 1 Slide:
    • Jezebel Rodriguez Garcia (pdf)
    • Ori Weiner (pdf)
    • Juliana Vievering (ppt)
    • Stanislav Stefanik (pdf)

Wed. June 4

  • Björn Ahlgren --- Photospheric emission in gamma-ray bursts.  Abstract Slides

  • Lee Yacobi --- Constraints on the hadronic content of Fermi GRBs.  Abstract Slides (pptx)

  • Henrike Fleischhack --- A template method for measuring the iron spectrum in cosmic rays with Cherenkov telescopes.  Abstract Slides

  • 1 Slide:
    • Kimberly Zoldak (pptx)
    • Ramesh Koirala (ppt)
    • James Lau (pdf)


Supporting Material

Really useful usage notes page for likelihood tools! [Likelihood Usage Notes]

Liz's favorite page on livetime and exposure: [http://fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov/ssc/data/analysis/documentation/Cicerone/Cicerone_Likelihood/Exposure.html]

Things to do and Eat

These are places we've gone in the past for food:

Some useful shops:

  • R&L Liquors (207 Second Street)
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy (444 Savannah Road, probably need a car)
  • Ocean Suds II Laundromat (18675 Coastal Highway)

Things to do.  Basically, I know these have been done, ask for details.



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