• PS, SPS configurations - done - SPS, done PS? (Stefan, Benoit, Luca, Nicola, Francesco)
  • wire up BT tuple to pipeline - done (Tom)
  • create pipeline task configs - SPS done; PS done (Tom, Francesco, Stefan)
  • run tasks - all complete except e+ annihilation and proton disappearance runs. Awaiting configs from Benoit.
  • post-pipeline jobs (concatenate merged merit, and BTtuple) - Merit: SPS done; PS in progress.  BTtuple: in development (Tom)

Data Pipeline

  • Clone svac tasks - done (Warren)
    • dealing with back fitting TestReports to LATTE from LICOS
  • try test run from Pisa - done! (Michael, Warren)

Digi/recon/calibs of Ancillary Data

  • New packages to replace AncillaryEvent will be committed to CVS:  AdfEvent, AdEvent, AdUtil,  AdfRecon, AdfReader (Nicola, Michael, Johan)
  • Initially ancillary data may not be in LDF format, so a temporary package, AdfReader will contain Gaudi algorithms to ingest the binary data and populate the TDS (Nicola).
  • Once the TDS classes are ready, ROOT versions of the classes will be created and RootIo updated to handle the reading and writing. (Heather/Leon)
  • When the ancillary data is available within LDF format, LdfConverter and ldfReader will be updated to handle the new contribution(s). (Heather)

 Socket Gleam

  • Has not received a high priority yet.
  • LATTE can serve LDF data (even data residing in a file) via two applications: oscmanager and RunControl.  The two work together to make LDF available to clients.
  • LATTE and the RunControl framework are being studied to see if ldfReader can be modified to connect a socket to RunControl to ingest LDF data.  (Heather)

Visualizing G4 Geometry

  • Linux - release version built at SLAC (Francesco) -- debug to be done
  • Windows - new version to be built (Francesco and Riccardo)
  • Modify beamtest06 requirements