Present: Eduardo, Richard, Stefan, Benoit, Leon, Heather, Anders, TonyJ, Tracy, DavidP


Stefan will come up with a new beamtest06 version to better simulate the SPS beamline. He will also include the new detectors in the MC output tuple, ensuring they get into the merit tuple merge.

Benoit will revive the list of desired sims. He estimated 50-80 configurations.

Both of these items have an expected 1-day turnaround


 Nicola has created an all-in-one AncillaryEvent package to read, digitize and reconstruct the ancillary detector data. Leon, Heather and Joanne have given feedback on desired updates; Nicola will get on it on Monday. Once he turns this around, Heather will jump in for the RootIo portion. She has sent him a query asking if he needs help to do this.


 Joanne sent a proposal for an xml format for the Si tagger data, and it seems to be close. I've asked Luca et al to provide the rest of the calibs as they come to understand them. Joanne figures it will be an elapsed week to set up the Gleam infrastructure.

Socket Gleam

No real progress here; has not bubbled up to high enough priority yet. 

Beamtest Tuple

The Cal tuple will persist.; Johann will investigate whether it can be resized for 3 vs 16 towers in the arrays. Johann will look into adding the centroid per CAL layer as per Jan's request; it should be available from the clusters. ACD vars are still to be added. Johann has added the requested ancillary items.

We will not copy the ancillary MC info now in merit to BT tuple. We will need summary ancillary data for merit, but there is no experience yet as to what. We will probably want a BTvalsTool for this. Anders and Johann will consult with Tom on how to create this for MC.

Pipeline Config for Data

 After discussions with Anders and Warren, we have decided to clone the svac tasks and modify as needed for BT. Warren is well into the cloning already.