Mass Simulations Status

 Tom, Francesco, Stefan, Richard

  •  we are following the posted simulations request.
  • initial strategy is to bracket the PS and SPS runs in energy and map out the full angle and energy ranges; also to do the positron annihilation and proton disappearance runs. Stefan has written up a description of the setups.
    • then fill in other energies
  • merged merit tuples are being provided - which include beamline MC info
  • initial BT tuples are being provided. Needs feedback!
  • see the MC log for what is what



  • SPS runs completed - BeamTest-0032-0066.
    • tuple files being concatenated
    • a bug swapping transverse coordinate between beamline and CU was found and fixed. We think this is benign for SPS runs due to symmetric beam profile. Fixed for PS runs - important for annihilation runs.
  • PS runs setup for positron and electron essentially complete - BeamTest-0067-0104
    • expected to start running today (Tues)
    • more setups to be included in simulation see the MC status page for more information