Likelihood analysis and related tools

This page and its children are intended for notes about likelihood analysis and the related science tools.

Previous tests of the method

Tests performed in the framework of the catalog group.  I have not tried to go before May 2007. Even that may not be fully representative of what the code does now.

  • Energy dispersion (May 2007): estimates effect of neglecting energy dispersion in gtlike
  • Obssim2 simulation (September 2007): the latest plots are at the end
  • Test patterns (December 2007): the first plot shows the flux restitution in that simulation of faint sources over a flat background.
  • Bright sources in obssim2 (February 2008): the end of the report shows how the spectral modeling of bright sources influences fainter sources nearby.
  • LEO simulation (March 2008): the end of the report shows biases due to the imperfect background modeling.

Documentation and Development Notes

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