The Fermi Mission will hold a virtual summer workshop series of interactive activities to learn about Fermi data analysis and lectures on gamma-ray astrophysics. The virtual school will consist of weekly online workshops and lecture presentations. These will be held on Mondays from June 7th to July 26th with the exception of July 5th. Lectures will be held on Mondays from 11 am to 12 pm (Eastern US, GMT-4) and analysis tutorial live sessions will be held on Mondays from 2-3:30 pm.

The material is designed for graduate students and early postdocs starting analysis projects in gamma-ray astrophysics that involve Fermi data and science. In addition to standard analysis using the Fermitools, we will include sessions covering pulsar analysis with the Large Area Telescope and gamma-ray burst analysis with the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor. We are seeking attendees that are interested in engaging in analysis activities and interacting with instructors and the other students in group activities. There will be no registration fee, but if demand is high, we may need to limit attendance and prioritize students who are developing near-term research projects using Fermi data.

Schedule for Summer 2021

Times are in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC−04:00).

Technical Help Sessions

We will have two sessions via Teams the week before the start of the workshops to help people get setup with the tools. Please try to install the FermiBottle Docker Container, which contains all the software needed for the workshops and go through the Summer School Checklist to make sure the container is functioning correctly.

Thursday, June 3Friday, June 4
10am-11amTech Help SessionTech Help Session

June 2021  

July 2021   

Mon, July 12Mon, July 19Mon, July 26
11  am - 12 pm EDT

The Galactic Center

Mattia Di Mauro

Previously recorded talk on the Galactic Center

Ground-based Gamma-ray Observations

Marcos Santander

Ground-based gamma-ray astronomy (introductory review) - G. Di Sciascio (2019)

TeV Source Catalog (TeVCat)

A couple recent highlight results and references:

- PeV gamma rays from the Crab Nebula.

- GRB detections in the VHE range:,

- CTA Science Book:

Wrap up and Next Steps + Group Photo

Student Spotlight Presentations

“Fermi-LAT Analysis of TeV PWN” – Jooyun Woo

“Spectral and Temporal Analysis of GRB210410A detected by Fermi-LAT/GBM” – DJ Maheso

"Searching for High-Energy Neutrinos from Magnetars with IceCube" – Ava Ghadimi

Analysis Tutorials
2 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

Pulsar tutorial

Matthew Kerr

Slido Q&A from the tutorial session

GBM Data Tools

Adam Goldstein+

Using the GBM Tools video tutorial

GBM Data Tools Documentation and Notebooks

Slido Q&A from the tutorial session

Diagnostics and refining models

Sign up for follow-up office hours 

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Slido Q&A from the tutorial session

Office hours will be held on Gather with various team members throughout the summer.

Office HoursDate/Time (EDT)HostTopics
Week 1Thurs. Jun 10 10-11 amSSC Members, Liz, JudyTech Support, Fermitools, Fermi Mission
Week 2Wed. Jun 16 2-3 pmJeremy PerkinsFermipy, python scripting
Week 2Thurs. Jun 17 10-11 amSSC MembersHelp desk
Week 3Wed. Jun 23 2-3 pmJeremy PerkinsFermipy, python scripting
Week 3Thurs. Jun 24 10-11 amSSC MembersHelp desk
Week 4Thurs. Jul 1 10-11 amSSC MembersHelp desk
Week 5Thurs. Jul 15 10-11 amSSC MembersHelp desk
Week 6Thurs. Jul 22 10-11 amSSC MembersHelp desk
Week 7Thurs. Jul 29 10-11 amSSC MembersHelp desk


  • The meeting platform is Microsoft Teams.  Non-NASA guests can join meetings. You will need to wait in the lobby until you are admitted by the meeting moderators. 
  • The software necessary for the tutorials (such as the Fermitools) are distributed in the FermiBottle Docker Container, a fully-functional, self-contained analysis environment.  Please go through the Summer School Checklist to make sure the container is functioning correctly.
  • Slido will be used for polling and questions. There will be a code for each lecture and tutorial session.
  • Primary announcements will be sent out via an e-mail list.
  • Secondary announcements, interaction between sessions. instructor-student, and student-student communication will be handled via Slack. Instructions on joining the Summer School Slack will be sent to attendees by e-mail.
  • This confluence page will be the home for the schedule as well as the presentation and supporting materials.

Supporting Material

  • There are a number of video tutorials for Fermi data analysis already available. You can also find tutorials posted on the SSC web page Data Analysis area.

Interesting repositories for Fermi analysis

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