Here are some special instructions for the week 3 tutorial exercise on statistics.

The data and notebooks created by Daniela Huppenkothen for today’s tutorial exercise are available on github.

For the group activity, at least one person in each Teams Room should download  two files for their assigned Group number.

  1. python notebook, PoissonStatisticsTurorial_GroupN.ipynb
  2. data set,

The easiest way to place the files where you can find them in FermiBottle may be to use wget in your FermiBottle terminal window. For example, for if your room is assigned Group 1 use



In the filename,  change 1 to 2 or 3 for the other groups. 

Rooms 1, 4, and 7 should use Group 1 files.

Rooms 2,5, and 8 should use Group 2 files

Rooms 3 and 6 should use Group 3 files

If you can't get into a breakout room, go back to the main room and try the Group 3 files.

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