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Week 1

 Tues, May 30Wed, May 31Thurs, June 1Fri, June 2Sat, June 3
9:00 Welcome and Fermi Mission Overview - Julie McEneryHAWC Instrument and Science - Jordan GoodmanFermi Observations of Gamma-ray Bursts and Gravitational Wave Counterparts - Judy Racusin

Fermi GBM & LAT GRB Data Analysis - Judy
data files
specfiles (only if you don't manage to make your own)

Cosmic Rays and Dark Matter - Fiorenza
10:00Radiation processes and Air Showers - Jordan GoodmanImaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes: From ADC counts to gamma-ray images and spectra - Stefan Ohm

Gamma-ray emission from star-forming systems - Stefan


Cosmic Rays and Dark Matter - Fiorenza Donato

Multivariate analysis techniques and machine-learning algorithms - Stefan 

Links about machine learning

11:00BreakBreakBreakBreak (Photo!)Break
11:30The High-Energy Gamma-ray Sky - Liz Hays

Intro to the Fermi Large Area Telescope - Jeremy Perkins

 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

Compton Telescopes - Eric Grove


Installation for Fermi VM 

Science Tools Intro and Data Exploration - Elizabeth Ferrara

Students choose a source for analysis.

Likelihood Analysis in LAT -

Jeremy Perkins

Quiz tool link: kahoot.it



Generating LAT XML Models - Elizabeth Ferrara

instructions for using make3FGLxml.py script

Advanced Likelihood/fermiPy (data.tgz)

fermiPy documentation

PDG Statistics review

pdf (deltaLL values in Table 38.2 on page 29)

Advanced Topics

LAT Analysis Checklist

Student Projects

Advanced Topics:

LAT Analysis Checklist

Pulsar Analysis

Galactic source techniques

Lightcurve analysis http://fermipy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/advanced/lightcurve.html#lightcurve

Student Projects


4:45End of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day Tagup

NICER launch 5:55 PM

Crab Feast

NICER launch at 5:07 PM

Week 2

 Mon, June 5Tues, June 6Wed, June 7Thurs, June 8Fri, June 9
9:00Particle Acceleration Mechanisms I - Yajie YuanParticle Acceleration Mechanisms II - YajieAGN and Blazars in the gamma-ray sky - BettaTheory and Modeling of Pulsar Wind Nebulae - Yajie


10:00Fermi LAT Catalogs - Elisabetta Cavazzuti

Magnetars - George Younes

Fermi GBM as a Transient Monitor - Colleen Wilson-HodgeAnalyzing GBM Continuous data - ColleenProject Results and Feedback
11:30 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

 Dark Matters - Regina Caputo 

 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries AMEGO - Regina CaputoWorkshop Close Out

Advanced Topics: Working groups on special topics

Student Projects

Free afternoon

On-line analysis tools tutorial - Betta

 (topcat, 3C 454.3 lc)

Advanced Topics:

Systematics: Effective Area

Student Projects

NICER - Colleen

Advanced Topics:

Student Projects

4:45End of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day Tagup 
    Virden BBQ @ 6:00Sunset Dolphin Cruise 

Student Talks and 1 Slide Schedule

Thursday, June 1

  • Donggeun Tak -   Thermal and non-thermal emission study in GRB160709A  

  • Divya Palaniswamy -  Fast Radio Bursts  

  • Tang Qingwen

  • Orel Gueta
  • Israel Martinez

Friday, June 2

  • Suttiwat Madlee - Earth’s gamma-ray emission in geographical coordinates with Fermi-LAT data 

  • Carlo van Rensburg -  Spatially-Dependent Modelling of Pulsar Wind Nebula G0.9+0.1  

  • Tyler Williamson
  • Laila Vleeschower
  • Sheridan Lloyd

Monday, June 5

  • Janeth Valverde - B2 1215+30 Long Term Gamma-ray Study with Fermi-LAT & VERITAS  

  • Marcin Marculewicz - Weak emission-line quasars (WLQ)  

  • Fabio Carfado

  • Monica Breed
  • Hannes Thiersen

Wednesday, June 7

  • Brent Limyansky - Analyzing Pulsar “Glitches” Using the Fermi LAT 

  • Tiffany Lewis - A First-Principles Radiative Transport Model for Steady-State Blazar Spectra 

  • Sambid Wasti
  • Hester Schutte
  • Cori Fletcher
  • Tiaan Bezuidenhout
  • Tejaswita Sharma
  • Isabella Mereu

Supporting Material


Liz's favorite page on livetime and exposure: [http://fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov/ssc/data/analysis/documentation/Cicerone/Cicerone_Likelihood/Exposure.html]

Glossary of Fermi and related jargon

Example ipython notebook from Eric Charles' lecture for statistics in astronomy grad course: Guest Lecture of Applications in Astro Statistics (zipped archive)

Interesting repositories for Fermi analysis

Interesting links for machine learning


Group Photos

DropBox link


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