Science Tools Working Group

Did not meet this week and will skip next week in observance of the collaboration meeting.

The current version of ScienceTools is v9r1. The differences
from v9 show a number of small fixes, mostly by Jim, in several packages, in addition to the parameter name updates.Updates to the parameter names are nearly complete. v9r1, which will have the complete set of updated parameter names, may be ready by tomorrow, with correspondingly updated documentation in the User Workbook.

Data products: No news except that some issues recently raised by Isabelle regarding details of the contents of the LAT source catalog are posted for comment.

Databases and related utilities

No news

Likelihood analysis

No news. From the release notes it looks Jim is setting up the likelihood analysis to allow for IRFs that depend on time - meaning that if for some reason different IRFs apply to different time ranges, likelihood could handle it.

GRB tools

James completed the parameter name changes last week.

Pulsar tools

From Masa: "In the pulsar tools area, James and I are still working on the top-level code of the pulsar tools. One good news is that the work on gtpsearch is done, we think, and now we are hammering on gtophase and gtephem (i.e., trying to fit the new code to those applications). One bad news is I identified another and reported it to JIRA (PULS-38)."

Observation simulation

James imported gttakosim (orbitSim package), the orbit propagator/attitude simulator written by Giuseppe Romeo. Jim added it to the Science Tools builds, and it is in v9r1, sans documentation. Giuseppe has sent me a document describing the tool and example input and output files, and is willing to help make a Workbook tutorial and reference page. It is a few steps up from gtorbsim in terms of being able to generate realistic pointing histories. Ask me where the name comes from.

From Giuseppe: "Also, a word of warning, the code checked in has a bug which I have already fixed, and gave to James to be checked in. You should wait until that has been done before running the orbit simulator with the given init file." [This has not been done yet]

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

No news.

Source Catalog

Met yesterday. Jean posted (but could not present owing to audio problems with EVO) an update on the catalog analysis of the obssim2 data set. Toby and Ludovic gave presentations about source localization; Toby's pointlike is now using BACK events in addition to FRONT. Tom reviewed the current results for the comparison of source detection algorithms.

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