Science Tools Working Group

Met this week (attendees: N Giglietto, M Brigida, A Cillis, T Stephens, C Patterson, T Burnett, J Chiang, J Peachey, S Digel, W Focke, E Winter, D Davis, T Porter)

Nico gave a presentation about approaches that he has been developing for analyzing moving sources (in particular the sun and moon) in LAT data using to the extent possible the standard Science Tools. He described the packages that he has developed and some of the remaining analysis issues. He'll have an updated presentation during the collaboration meeting.

The current version of ScienceTools is v9. Updates to the parameter names are nearly complete. v9r1, which will have the complete set of updated parameter names, may be ready by tomorrow, with correspondingly updated documentation in the User Workbook.

Data products: No news except that configuration control of the FFD and ICD for the SDP is coming before the FOR, which is PDQ.

Databases and related utilities

Tom S. will create another instance of the data server at the GSSC for the 55-day run, when he gets the files. "It's not difficult to have different data sets, I just have to clone the server and set up a new MySQL database. It's just a matter of 5 minutes to create the data base and then starting the server programs with a different configuration file. The part that takes the most time is creating the web page to point to the servers and the data." This means that both obssim2 and 55-day (or whatever we ultimately call it) will be available from the GSSC.

As probably will be mentioned in this meeting, Tony gave an update on the SLAC Data Server at the Service Challenge Steering meeting yesterday.

Likelihood analysis

Jim has implemented the parameter name changes and updated the reference pages for the likelihood tools. As of Wednesday he was working on updating the likelihood tutorials, including removing DC2-specific references.

GRB tools

James reports that he is in the middle of renaming the parameters.

Pulsar tools

Masa reported via e-mail that he and James think that they have fixed the bug mentioned last week, (JIRA PULS-37).

Observation simulation

The only news is Jim's implementation of the parameter name changes in gtobssim. I'm inquiring with Dave D. about when we might have the replacement for gtorbsim in the repository and included in the Science Tools.

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

James has ape ready to be delivered for the Science Tools, but is juggling other work - he hopes to deliver it soon.

Source Catalog

Did not meet this week; will meet next week.

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