Science Tools Working Group

Did not meet this week or last; we will meet next Wednesday

The current version of ScienceTools is v9. Updates to the parameter names are in progress (and in at least one case are already in v9). v9r1, which will have the complete set of updated parameter names, should be ready by late next week, with correspondingly updated documentation in the User Workbook.

Data products: No news.

Databases and related utilities

No news.

Likelihood analysis

From Jim: "I have implemented the parameter name changes for the Likelihood tools and updated corresponding tool reference pages in the workbook on cvs. These changes are in effect as of Likelihood v13 and pyLikelihood v1."

GRB tools

No news. David posted an interesting study of the GLAST-Swift FOV Overlap.

Pulsar tools

From Masa: "In the pulsar tools area, we are still working on the top-level code of gtpsearch. The good news is that it was almost done, we thought, but the bad news is that I found a bug (JIRA PULS-37) which makes us stick to gtpsearch a little longer."

Observation simulation

From Jim: "The parameter name changes have been implemented in observationSim v7."

User interface and infrastructure (& utilities)

From Jim: "I have updated makeFT1 to include the start and stop times of the input merit as parameters given at runtime, and I have modified the code so that an empty FT1 file is produced if no events from the merit ntuple pass the specified cuts. Both of these changes were requested by
Anders and Warren to service the L1 pipeline needs. fitsgen v3r5.

For columns to be added to the makeFT1 output, such as MC_SRC_ID, that are not part of the FT1 definition via the FT1variables file, I have added a feature that allows the user to specify the data type of the added column, e.g., "J" meaning 4-byte signed integer for MC_SRC_ID. fitsGen v3r6.

I fixed a bug in gtselect that affected the specification of time range cuts where lower limit for the time range was zero. dataSubselector v5r4p1.

Python 2.5.1 has finally been made the version used by ScienceTools in ST LATEST and HEAD."

Source Catalog

Met last week - see the agenda and minutes. Interesting discussion included applying Toby's pointLike to improve the positions of sources found by MR_filter. On Wednesday, Tom S. posted initial comparisons of several source detection algorithms that are candidates for the catalog pipeline.

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