Graziano Chiaro, Bindu Rani, Alberto Dominquez, David Thompson web page:


FR0 radio galaxies represent the dominant population of the local radio loud AGN sources in the local Universe. ( Baldi et al. 2016)

 In ( Baldi et al. 2017 ) the number density of FR0CAT sources is ∼5 times higher than that of FRIs.

A first evidence  supporting an association with a  Fermi LAT source was described in ( Grandi et al. 2015)

The aim of this study is to hunt new FR0 objects within  the gamma-ray sources  detected Fermi LAT ( FL8Y ) and study multifrequency properties in order to better understand their nature.

Stacking analysis will be one of the approach for this study, in order to detect new sources and consequently to compare gamma-ray, X-ray and radio properties with other sources.

AMEGO and CTA future missions will be considered as possible detectors of this kind of sources.



Galaxies in FR0CAT observed with SWIFT and XMM telescopes.

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