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Mon, July 12Mon, July 19Mon, July 26
11  am - 12 pm EDT

The Galactic Center

Mattia Di Mauro

Previously recorded talk on the Galactic Center

Ground-based Gamma-ray Observations

Marcos Santander

Ground-based gamma-ray astronomy (introductory review) - G. Di Sciascio (2019)

TeV Source Catalog (TeVCat)

A couple recent highlight results and references:

- PeV gamma rays from the Crab Nebula.

- GRB detections in the VHE range:,

- CTA Science Book:

Wrap up and Next Steps + Group Photo

Student Spotlight Presentations

“Fermi-LAT Analysis of TeV PWN” – Jooyun Woo

“Spectral and Temporal Analysis of GRB210410A detected by Fermi-LAT/GBM” – DJ Maheso

"Searching for High-Energy Neutrinos from Magnetars with IceCube" – Ava Ghadimi

Analysis Tutorials
2 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

Pulsar tutorial

Matthew Kerr

Slido Q&A from the tutorial session

GBM Data Tools

Adam Goldstein+

Using the GBM Tools video tutorial

GBM Data Tools Documentation and Notebooks

Slido Q&A from the tutorial session

Diagnostics and refining models

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Slido Q&A from the tutorial session