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Detailed Baseline Report 2012

The IDAG has requested a detailed baseline report due by the end of 2012

Current Deadlines

  1. 31st March 2012 Outline available for the IDAG
  2. 21/September/2012 First draft available
  3. End November/2012 Draft submitted to the PAC
  4. 13/December/2012 PAC review

SiD DBD Editors

We currently have five main editors

  1. Andy White
  2. Phil Burrows
  3. Lucie Linssen
  4. Mark Oreglia
  5. Marcel Stanitzki

A list of the Chapter editors can be found here

Current Drafts ("tagged versions")


(info) The revised PAC Version only contains one agreed correction to the Higgs BR benchmark section

(info) The Final Draft of 21/02/2013 included an erratum to the h?cc analysis

IDAG comments and responses

Getting and compiling the SiD DBD

Instructions for getting the DBD from the SVN repository at CERN

Contributing to the DBD