A command similar to the following will run slic on an LSF batch system.

bsub -q xlong -G lcd \
-o `pwd`/job.log \
-e `pwd`/job.err \
time ./slic \
-g mygeom.lcdd \
-O \
-p outputPath \
-i events \
-m init.mac \
-r 5000 \

This command assumes the following.

  1. submitting to a queue called 'xlong'
  2. user belongs to a group called 'lcd'
  3. standard output goes to job.log
  4. standard error goes to job.err
  5. slic can be found in the current directory

One should always be using the slic autoname feature for output files (-O).
This currently provides filenames in the following format:




When submitting batch jobs, be sure to break-up your events into manageable chunks, such as 500 events each, or the job may exceed the maximum CPU time.

LSF At Your Site

The input to the LSF bsub command will vary depending on your site. For instance, the queue and group assignments from above are only applicable to those in the LCD group at SLAC.

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