The SLIC simulator package uses a low-level XML data format while the reconstruction uses a smaller, more targetted format called the "compact description". Using a compact geometry in the simulator requires converting it to LCDD first.

Command Syntax

The full syntax for running GeomConverter is

GeomConverter [-o format] [<infile> [<outfile>]]

If no output file is specified the GUI will be displayed. If no format is given the format will be guessed based on the output file.

Running the Converter

  1. After building GeomConverter, run this command to convert a compact detector file to LCDD.
    java -jar ./target/bin/GeomConverter-VERSION-bin.jar -o lcdd compact.xml det.lcdd
    where VERSION corresponds to the build version, e.g. 1.11-SNAPSHOT

Windows Users

Windows users need to run GeomConverter.bat from the Windows command prompt instead of the GeomConverter script.

Running in SLIC

The output LCDD file det.lcdd can be used as input to SLIC, which might look like this.

slic -g det.lcdd -z -n
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