Adding a Page

General Guidelines

If your content fits into any of the existing pages, please create
a subpage there.

Before adding a top-level page, decide whether one of the
existing pages is an appropriate place for your content.

You can see the top-level pages from the Homepage.

Naming Pages

Individual page names must be unique within the space. You will
receive an error message if a page with your chosen name already

Spaces are fine in names. In fact, you are encouraged to use spaces
as usual when naming pages.

Adding a Top Level Page

  1. Go to the ILC space
  1. Click on Add a new Page.
  1. Type in a title. (I will use the name parent page as an example.)
  1. Click Add to submit the form.

Now your page will be created at

Notice that Confluence replaces spaces with "+".

So now have a page at the topmost level of the ILC space.

Adding a Child Page

But mostly you should be creating child pages on existing topics.

  1. To create a child page, e.g. subpage, go to its URL and click
    on Add Child Page on the lefthand side. On the form, you should
    see the name of the parent in the Parent Page box.
  2. Fill in the title and content and click Add. (As an example, I use the title child page.)
  3. To see that it was put in a hierarchy properly, go to the Directory View.

You should something like this in the hierarchy once you expand it.

  +parent page
    child page 

The key is to use Add Child Page from the parent, which creates
a child page (like a subdirectory), rather than Add Page, which
will add a top-level page to the root space.

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