As the instrument evolves, alarm limits for data monitoring sometimes have to be changed. New limits are developed by the data monitoring team in cooperation with the subsystem experts, and deployed by the L1 maintainers. L1 uses symbolic links with fixed names pointing to the current version so they can be changed without changing L1.

Step-by-step guide (updated on )

  1. Data monitoring folks make a CCB request to deploy new limits. Wait for that to be approved.
  2. The following steps MUST be performed from a rhel6 node (do NOT attempt to deploy alarms on the S3DF).
  3. To figure out where the limits are:
    1. Go to the L1 install directory (currently /afs/
    2. grep alarmCfgBase (the current location is /afs/slac/g/glast/ground/releases/volume11/AlarmsCfg)
  4. Go to the location of AlarmsCfg and check out the code from github:

    export tag=AlarmsCfg-07-00-37 #or whatever your tag is
    cd /afs/slac/g/glast/ground/releases/volume11/AlarmsCfg
    wget -O -$tag.tar.gz | tar xzv
    mv AlarmsCfg-$tag $tag
  5. Remove the current links for test, dev, and prod, and replace them with the new version
  6. If possible, switch the links in between deliveries. It is acceptable to have a mix of old and new configs for a run
  7. Update the CCB item in JIRA and mark it "Implemented"