March 23-24 2005 SLAC


Note, this is intended to be a workshop, so this agenda deliberately has plenty of time left open for discussion and since it is only a small group we can move things around as necessary. I have loosely reserved day 1 for pipeline and day 2 for dataserver, but we can shift things around based on how much we have to discuss on various topics.

  • Wednesday 10am (Glast III conference room)
  • Thursday 10am (Group C conference room)
    • Data Server
      • Introduction - Tony
      • Status - Jean-Paul
      • Wired+Glast Demo - Mark
      • Thoughts on future data server work - Tony


  • Summary given at weekly software meeting (pdf)
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  1. Also, some information about Formal Grammars – These define the language syntax over the valid alphabet. Essentially they provide a formal notation for representing rules.

  2. We should probably also look again at existing Java workflow engines, which are typically based on finite state machines as mention by Dan above. I found a recent review of available engines at: