This Wiki aims to collect knowledge, facts and data about the daily requirements for our work in the theory group at SLAC.

If you would like to contribute to this Wiki and you don't have access yet, just send a quick e-mail to Bernhard.

Computing Resources


Seminars are posted publicly on our event web page.
Currently, our seminar organizers is:

If you have suggestions for a speaker, please contact them.


  • Preprint Numbers: Preprint numbers can be obtained here.
    Connect either from the SLAC network or use VPN to the SLAC network.
  • Access to Stanford journals and library resources: You can access paywalled journal articles from Stanford without a VPN using the campus Library Proxy. Handy instructions for it are found here: . Scroll down to "Create a desktop or laptop web browser bookmarklet”. Once you have the bookmark in your bookmark bar, just navigate to the abstract page of the paper and then click on the bookmarklet.  You will need to input your campus SUNet user id.

  • Mailing Lists: We currently maintain the following mailing lists:
    -All active members of the SLAC Theory Group:
    -All interested parties in the SLAC Theory Seminar:
    Only members of the mailing list can send e-mails to the mailing lists.
    If you are not included yet but would like to be, please contact Glenna (
  • SLAC Acronym Guide: There are a lot of cryptic acronyms at SLAC, here is a guide.

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