If you would like to order new computing hardware, check with Tom (rizzo@slac.stanford.edu) and Glenna (glennap@slac.stanford.edu).
Glenna keeps track of existing hardware in the theory department.

Some hardware is available via the SLAC marketplace
However, the available items might not suit your needs or better and cheaper hardware might be available elsewhere. 
In this case, Glenna can help with submitting purchase requests.


SLAC has access to the Apple e-commerce store
This allows us to get a better price for Apple products.
Create an account with your SLAC e-mail address there and configure your product.
Create a proposal for an order. 

Next, submit a purchase request on the SLAC marketplace and attach your proposal on the e-commerce web-site.
You will get contacted and helped with further steps to purchase the Apple product.

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