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Samba (SMB/CIFS protocol) allows you mount remote SLAC Unix storage on your local desktop or laptop if you are on the SLAC network.

Authentication is done using your SLAC Windows Active Directory username and password.



CentOS 7 installation:

sudo yum install samba-client cifs-utils

To browse SLAC Unix filesystems available via Samba:

smbclient -U% -L

To mount a SLAC Unix filesystem on your desktop or laptop:

mkdir ~/slac_work_space
sudo mount -t cifs '\\zslaccfs\slac_work_space' ~/slac_work_space -o user=ksa,domain=SLAC,vers=1.0

To access the the SLAC Unix filesystem (the above example mounts the SLAC NFS filesystem /nfs/slac/work):

cd ~/slac_work_space

To umount when you are done:

sudo umount ~/slac_work_space

Additional notes:

  • If required, it's possible to create an entry in /etc/fstab, and save credentials in a protected file.  This would allow automatic mounts at reboot time, or else on-demand using the mount command and just the mount point (without needing to remember the long command line).

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