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AD OCIO/SciComp staff   
ATLAS OCIO/SciComp staffWei Yang  


BaBar Collaboration

OCIO/SciComp staff

Tina Cartaro

EXOEXO ExperimentOCIO/SciComp staffTony Johnson

Tony Waite ( if the issue is related to EXO data taking/data acquisition

Carter Hall ( for offline software issues

Max Turri ( for web server issues

Ken Fouts ( for EXO operations

CDMS OCIO/SciComp staffAnders Borgland  
DES OCIO/SciComp staffStuart Marshall  
Fermi/GLASTFermiOCIO/SciComp staffRichard Dubois

Tom Glanzman

fermi-request-outage   This list is intended for those with an interest in planning the timing and other details of *future* outages.

fermi-outage   This list is intended for those with an interest in discussing the details/fallout for an impending, ongoing, or recently completed outage.

KIPAC OCIO/SciComp staffStuart Marshall  
LCLS OCIO/SciComp staffMike Dunne Amedeo Perazzo, Randy Radmer
LSST OCIO/SciComp staffRichard Dubois  
MCC OCIO/SciComp staffJingchen Zhou Ken Brobeck
PPA OCIO/SciComp staffDavid MacFarlane  
PULSE OCIO/SciComp staffTodd Martinez  
SIMES OCIO/SciComp staffTom Devereaux Brian Moritz
SSRL OCIO/SciComp staffHector Prado? Hector Prado
SUNCAT OCIO/SciComp staffJens Norskov Johannes Voss
Beam Physics     
DNS for core infrastructureCIOOCIO/SciComp staffYee Ting 
LDAP for UnixCIOOCIO/SciComp staffAndrew 
NagiosCIOOCIO/SciComp staffAndrew 
GangliaCIOOCIO/SciComp staffAndrew 
Authentication for Unix accountsCIOOCIO/SciComp staffAndrew 
WebauthCIOOCIO/SciComp staffAndrew 
AFSCIOOCIO/SciComp staffRenata Dartunix-admin@slac.stanford.eduAndrew May, Lance Nakata
LSF batch systemCIOOCIO/SciComp staffYemi Adesanyaunix-admin@slac.stanford.eduRenata Dart
Tape LibraryCIOOCIO/SciComp staffAndrew Mayunix-admin@slac.stanford.eduLance Nakata
Red Hat Satellite ServerCIOOCIO/SciComp staffKarl 

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GPFSshared, tiered storage2013-10-01openSCS test environment; MCC, ACD, Fermi, KIPAC in production 


SCSPub space will be used as a repository of information from Scientific Computing Services which can be shared with others at SLAC. This information will include notes, agendas, working papers and proposals, etc, which the group wants to share with others at SLAC.  In addition, for certain types of documents needing version or check-out/check-in control there is a document library on the SCS SharePoint site.