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Dmitry Onoprienko

Dmitry Onoprienko joined the SCA Data Handling Group in January 2011. Before that, he spent several years at Fermilab, working on the GRID computing and data handling infrastructure for the CDF experiment, developing event reconstruction algorithms and software tools for the SiD Detector Design Study, analyzing data collected by the D0 collaboration, and creating simulation geometry package for the CMS Forward Pixels detector.

Dmitry received a Diploma from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. He first came to SLAC as a graduate student in 1996 to work on the SLD experiment and was responsible for the electron beam polarization measurement with the Quartz Fiber Calorimeter. He later worked on measuring left-right asymmetry in Z-boson production at SLD,collimator wakefields modeling and measurements, polarimetry for the International Linear Collider, simulation suite development for the proposed Braidwood reactor neutrino experiment, and on a few other projects, before moving to Fermilab.

In his spare time, Dmitry enjoys rock climbing, white water kayaking, and photography.

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