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The Scientific Computing Applications group will provide leadership and support of PPA Scientific Computing, complementing the services provided by the Computing Division.

Key Objectives

  • enable scientific computing expertise to flow between activities within PPA itself and within the lab
  • provide computing solutions and support to collaborations and experiments
  • pursue appropriate R&D in scientific computing
  • advise the PPA Director on scientific computing strategic issues


The strategies we will use to achieve these objectives include:

  • devise and implement solutions for tactical issues, including transitions of Scientific Computing personnel as projects wax and wane
  • lead PPA scientific computing in key areas to bring economic of scale to multiple PPA projects
  • proactively provide solutions to Laboratory scientific computing projects in areas where PPA expertise is unique and applicable
  • provide an environment to attract and maintain expertise and personnel
  • work closely with CD to optimize resource allocation planning and selection of technology paths
  • seek out and be a conduit to external funding
  • seek collaboration outside of the Laboratory

Bi-weekly division meetings
Travel/Vacation calendar

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